Mini ip pbx
PBX130 ideal for small offices and businesses with 32 users, 8 sip trunk,8 concurrent calls, PBX130 is an affordable, yet fully-featured embedded hybrid IP PBX with Router function, providing a cost-effective solution for your business.

  1. Full IPPBX features
  2. 32 extensions
  3. 8 SIP trunk
  4. 8 concurrent calls
  5. HD video/audio
  6. QoS, VPN,DDNS
  7. One touch to deploy
  8. Skype Connect support


  The PBX130 is the ideal system for small businesses and home offices requiring a pint-sized yet powerful on router IP PBX.

  The compact solid-state device support 32 extensions and offers a wide range of IP PBX telephony features. Keeping up with the demands of sustainability, 

  The Mini-PBX is based on a low-power, high performance MIPS processor, providing the complicated communication features including the hardest HD communication protocol, complete router features and QoS


  • l          WAN: DHCP, STATIC, PPPoE
  • l          LAN: Static IP
  • l          Time Zone: Multinational
  • l          Dynamic DNS: Supported
  • l          VPN: PPTP in Tunnel, PPTP in PBX only

Router Utilities

  • l          DHCP: Server / Client
  • l          Port Forward: Supported
  • l          Firewall: Support flood attack protect
  • l          DMZ: Supported
  • l          uPNP & NAT-PMP: Supported
  • l          Qos: WMM, DSCP
  • l          External Disk: USB 2.0 in Fat32 , Ext3, Ext4
  • l          File Sharing: FTP Protocol


  • l          System logs viewer: Supported
  • l          Admin user: Support to modify the password
  • l          Reboot: Supported
  • l          Factory Reset: supported
  • l          Configuration: Browser / Third Party Software
  • l          Web Admin: HTML5,AJAX,CSS

PBX Features

  • l          Extension Features: Support Ring Group, Follow Me, Extension Outbound Routes, Extension dialing intelligent analysis, Extension for BLF support, MWI(Message Waiting Indicator)
  • l          Support SIP trunk:Registration mode,IP docking mode(SIP Direct)
  • l          Trunk features:DID set, routes way, Inbound call system support routing, Support for multiple devices in the cluster, Support automatic looking for the callee;s number.
  • l          Call Pickup
  • l          Voicemail
  • l          One Touch to Config
  • l          Codec: G.722,G.711U/A,G.729,GSM, H.264, T.38, T.30
  • l          SIP Protocol: Over TCP/UDP, RFC3261
  • l          DTMF:In-Band,RFC2833,SIP Info

Advanced PBX Features

  • l          Conference: Up to 8 parties conference system, support multiple independent meeting room
  • l          Queues: Call queue strategy support random,resonance,rotate members call
  • l          IVR: Support voice menu, multi-level and key recognition
  • l          Background Music: Supported
  • l          IVR Voice file: play, record or upload
  • l          Call record: Call record will automatically store in the external disk
  • l          Time Frames: Support the IVR auto-switch based on the time
  • l          SIP Behind NAT: Supported


  • l          SIP Digest Authentication: using MD5
  • l          SSH Login with Username/Password


  • l          Processor: MIPS
  • l          RAM: 64MB
  • l          FLASH: 16MB
  • l          WAN: 1xRJ45 10/100MB Ethernet port
  • l          LAN: 4xRJ45 10/100MB Ethernet port
  • l          Button: Reset Button, One Touch to auto Config
  • l          Power adapter: AC 100-240V input and DC 12V/1A output
  • l          Power Consumption: 1.2-2.0W
  • l          Operating humidity: 10-95%


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